“……….(then) Louise Page sang her first note. The audience collectively held its breath in her perfectly controlled phrases. The close balance between forces in this work is difficult to manage, but Weiss held the orchestra in check as Page’s bel canto rose to the symphony’s upper reaches.” – Judith Crispin Citynews 17/9/18. Gorecki Symphony of Sorrowful Songs (no 3). http://citynews.com.au/2018/review-orchestra-performs-masterful-gorecki/

“Then there was Mandy, Brian’s mother, played by soprano, Louise Page. She was cast perfectly in this role and was hilarious from beginning to end, her strong, engaging voice delighting the audience, especially when she screeched at the multitude (the choir) more than once to “shut up!”……., Not the Messiah (He’s a very naughty boy!). Clinton White, http://citynews.com.au/2018/review-splendid-musicians-wow-with-humour-and-fun/Canberra Choral Society, National Capital Orchestra

LOUISE AND SALLY ON TIN PAN ALLEY – Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018

“Louise Page has a voice that almost defies description. The moment she utters her first words of introduction, any uncertainty about “Louise & Sally on Tin Pan Alley” is definitively laid to rest. There is a timbre about the spoken word that promises magic in song, and Louise does not disappoint. In every aspect Page’s peer as artist and musician, Sally Greenaway delivers a piano performance worthy of the jazz halls of bygone eras. …….. Both of these artists deliver a tour de force in their own right. The resultant jazz-classical fusion is a paradisiacal ecstasy of experience – “got rhythm; got music …. who could ask for anything more?”………”Louise Page – statuesque, every movement and expression weighted, poised. Transcendent vocals, evoking the nostalgic and the sultry, an incredible power finessed from both extremes of register but perfectly balanced by commensurate control…….Page and Greenaway are artists of such sublime and superlative calibre, that this reviewer feels it irreverent to attempt a full dissection of either’s virtuosity.” ……….”Sated on happiness and emotion and music, and yet at the same time hungering with newfound appetite for more of Louise and Sally, and for more of Tin Pan Alley. Not just for jazz aficionados, anyone with an appreciation for music should come, drink, and drink deeply! – Alexander Ewers (*****5 stars) http://www.kryztoff.com/RAW/?p=10468

“Fringe and Festival brings some wonderful musicians to Adelaide during March, but Sally Greenaway and Louise Page must be among the most accomplished……  Louise Page is a very successful opera singer, but she knows how to use her immense vocal talent and technique to enhance these songs,…… Louise was very comfortable in this different genre. She has charm, verve, and a great sense of rhythm as she showcases this music. I could have listened to many more songs.”  -The Lab, Old Queens Theatre 12, 14, 15 16 March 2018 ***** (5 stars)  Emily Sutherland 5MBSFM  http://www.5mbs.com/fringe-dwellers/

“Canberra Youth Orchestra’s first concert for 2018 …… Tobias Cole was then joined by Louise Page for ‘Caro bella’ from the Handel opera. Their expert and emotionally truthful singing of this duet where Caesar and Cleopatra sing of their love for each other proved to be one of the highlights of the evening……..Louise Page showed what a fine actress she is with her sublime performance of ‘Il dolce suono’ (the Mad Scene) from Donizetti’s ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’ ” – Len Power, Canberra Critics Circle, -Opera Gala, Canberra Youth Orchestra 24/3/18 http://ccc-canberracriticscircle.blogspot.com.au/2018/03/

“One would have to travel a very long distance to find better singers than our own Louise Page, Tobias Cole and Sarahlouise Owens, who were the special guest artists of the Canberra Youth Orchestra” -Clinton White, CityNews -Opera Gala, Canberra Youth Orchestra 24/3/18http://citynews.com.au/2018/review-superb-showcase-of-local-stars/

“What a magnificent concert! In the third and final of the 2017 Flowers of War series, Christopher Latham brought together an ensemble of exceptional musicians to perform a perfectly balanced program of works from World War I and newly composed works……“Louise Page sang with heart and soul and mind to fill the cathedral-like space with a stunning performance of Ivor Gurney’s Even Such is Time.” …….”Again, in her rendition of Benjamin Dale’s Come Away Death, Louise Page lit up the space, and Wannan’s viola was the perfect counterfoil for the vocal line. Die Goldnen Winde, written in 1917/18 by Erwin Schulhoff provided an opportunity for some almost Wagnerian dramatic moments and complimented the final, peaceful Pie Jesu in which the audience participated with great emotional effect.”
Jennifer Gall, Canberra Times 10/11/17 Flowers of War: 1917 –The Night is darkest before the Dawn at the High Court

“The concert was a particular triumph for Canberra soprano Louise Page, who sang a large number of songs with great feeling and technical assurance, culminating in a thrilling “Transfiguration” from “Tod und Verklarung” by Richard Strauss in an arrangement by Christopher Latham.” – Len Power, CityNews 18/5/16 Soprano triumphs over songs of war http://citynews.com.au/2016/128195/

“Louise Page was the highlight of the evening with wonderfully controlled, and pitch perfect singing, in her two pieces by Villa-Lobos.” – Ian McLean, CityNews 10/5/16 Canberra International Music Festival Concert 23, ‘Festival Finale: Viva Brazil!’ http://citynews.com.au/2016/127863/

“Canberra’s soprano diva, Louise Page joined Fiorillo for “Five Songs” (Ginastera), written between 1938 and 1943. In these five short but diverse songs about despondency, unrequited love, courtship and even a crazy moon and snub noses, Page adeptly changed her demeanour in each one, her very fine voice dealing effortlessly with every nuance demanded, and all in Spanish.” – Clinton White, CityNews 7/5/16 Canberra International Music Festival Concert 19, ‘Argentina Magica’

“These pieces segued into Villa-Lobos’s Melodia Sentimental, performed by exquisite soprano Louise Page. She is well-known to Canberra audiences, and the piece alone justified why she is so deservedly popular. Apart from her voice, which was charming and soaring as always, her smile said it all; she was perhaps walking along an exotic beach after dark, extolling the glories of the moon, and the audience was right there with her. The same can be said of Page’s performance of Villa-Lobos’s most popular work, Bachianas Brasileiras No 5. Perfectly matched by cellist Paolo Bonomini, the two soared melodically in what was certainly an audience favourite.” -Leonard Weiss, Canberra Times 13/5/16 Canberra International Music Festival: A Mexican Wave and Festival Finale http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/canberra-life/review-canberra-international-music-festival-a-mexican-wave-and-viva-brasil-20160508-gopk8v.html

“Whether singing joyously or with strong emotion, Louise Page gives full weight to the intent of a song as well as singing every note with great clarity and precision.” -Len Power, CityNews 23/11/15 Joy and emotion in Page recital http://citynews.com.au/2015/review-joy-emotion-Page-recital/

Merimbula Jazz Festival 2015 (Louise and Sally on Tin Pan Alley – Louise Page, soprano and Sally Greenaway, piano)
“The weekend was marked by a string of excellent shows, starting with a first-time collaboration between nationally renowned composer, pianist and band leader Sally Greenaway and internationally acclaimed soprano Louise Page.  Greenaway’s luxurious and sophisticated arrangements of jazz classics were perfectly complimented by Page’s superb voice. It is no wonder it was standing room only at this fantastic gig. ” – Simon Hukin, Gig Reviews 16/6/15      http://jazz.org.au/merimbula-jazz-festival/

Canberra International Music Festival 2013

“Of the many concerts of this festival, “In Praise of Creative Women”, was surely the most beautiful. A stellar ensemble performed works by historically overlooked composers ….Composed in the romantic artsong tradition, Beach’s “Songs: Ecstasy, Chanson d’Amour, Mirage”, were surprisingly modern. Tamara Anna Cislowska showed real mastery in the Brahmsian piano part, while Madeleine Mitchell and David Pereira evoked a wide palette of string timbres. Soprano Louise Page was simply magnificent. From delicate pianissimo notes to Maria Callas portamenti, Page’s emotionally intense performance was spellbinding.” – Judith Crispin, CityNews May 20th 2013 http://citynews.com.au/2013/music-festival-in-praise-of-most-beautiful-concert/

“The second evening of the Canberra International Music Festival presented the premiere of Peter Sculthorpe’s new work “The Great South Land”…..The star of the evening was undoubtedly Louise Page, whose rich tones and flawless intonation was an absolute joy.” – Judith Crispin, CityNews 12th May 2013 http://citynews.com.au/2013/review-sculthorpes-new-shifting-kaleidoscope-of-sound/

“The Prelude and Liebestod, arranged by Wagner, is a concert version of the overture and Isolde’s aria, “Mild und leise” from the opera “Tristan und Isolde”. Under the baton of Roland Peelman, the large orchestra brought out all the drama and sensitivity in the music. Soprano, Louise Page, was outstanding in her performance of the Liebestod, acting it believably as well as singing it to perfection”.
-Len Power, CityNews Canberra http://citynews.com.au/2013/music-festival-wagner-brings-out-the-emotion/

“Equally wonderful was a concert of music by Gavin Bryars and Richard Wagner. Bryars’s The Porazzi Fragment is a delicate, moving work for 21 solo string players, here conducted by the genial composer himself. With a sublime voice, assured technique and great musical intelligence, soprano Louise Page gave a transcendent performance of the Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde.” -Alistair Noble, The Australian, May 20th.  (http://www.theaustralian.com.au/arts/capitals-season-of-mists-and-mellow-music/story-e6frg8n6-1226646267622)

“Can there be a more sublime way to spend a couple of hours on a typically chilly, sunny Canberra autumn day than cruising in a snug, beautifully appointed cruiser on Lake Burley Griffin, being informed by passionate experts about Canberra’s unique architectural features and scenery while listening to songs by Purcell, Schubert, Britten and Offenbach, exquisitely presented by a trio of our most accomplished and treasured artists;  singers, Louise Page and Christina Wilson, and pianist Alan Hicks?”
- Bill Stephens, CityNews May 18th 2013 http://citynews.com.au/2013/music-festival-blissed-out-on-a-musical-boat/

“Proud Canberrans could not fail to be moved by the massed local choirs of the opening gala concert at Albert Hall, or Louise Page’s breathtaking performance of Sculthorpe’s “The Great South Land” on Saturday night.” – Judith Crispin, CityNews,  May  13th 2013, http://citynews.com.au/2013/music-festival-from-the-ashes-musics-future-rises/

“….the thrilling soprano of Louise Page, who opened and closed the oratorio, held the presentation together.”  (A Passion for Peace, Albert Hall, April28th-May 2nd 2015) – Helen Musa, CityNews, April 30th 2015

The South Coast Music Society treated us with a stunning performance of Handel’s Messiah on Sunday 1st December, 2013 at St Bernard’s Church, Batehaven. The audience, which packed the church to capacity, enjoyed the singing of some of this country’s finest voices………..  Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, soprano Louise Page sang. Each piece executed with exquisite control and beauty displaying line, agility, breath control and spinning tone. -  Andrea Annear “The Independant”   http://www.southcoastmusicsociety.com/messiah-review/

The Ringtone Cycle, an art-song ‘work in progress’ examined courtship in the era of internet and mobile phones. The piece provided the unexpected sensation of Louise Page stepping out of her customary elegance and into the flannelette pyjamas, towelling dressing gown and ugg-boots of a forlorn single woman in search of a man as she trawled through ‘plenty of fish in the cyber sea’. Accompanied by Alan Hicks, piano, Anna McMichael, violin and David Pereira, cello, Page assumed her role without inhibition, enthralling the audience with her expert characterisation and fine singing. The clever opening of the work turned the Nokkia theme into a fugue then subverted the Carpenter’s song Close to You, but I think that Koehne needs to find more imaginative signature themes to elevate his heroine’s solos to a more sophisticated level if he wants to give Wagner a run for his money – as he certainly should.  – Fine Feelings and Grand Designs- The Music of Composer in Residence, Graham Koehne at the Fitter’s Workshop, Saturday, May 21st, 2011 By Jennifer Gall, Canberra Times

“But before I go I must tell you that I went to the second last night of the Canberra International Music Festival to savour a feast of my favourite composers – Mahler, Richard Strauss and Wagner.  The Mahler Fourth Symphony was played by a chamber orchestra of magnificent musicans under the baton of Roland Peelman with David Pereira on the ‘cello and all the others on their various instruments and the voice of Simone Riksman to relish every note of the music and every directive from the conductor.  Sitting in the front row was a perfect opportunity to be stunned by the rapport between these players and the music and David Pereira’s mobile face. Then Louise Page joined the orchestra to sing the Four Last Songs by Strauss and the Liebestod by Richard Wagner.  The entire audience was swept into some heavenly sphere as Louise Page poured her soul and her spirit into sounds which rose to incredible heights of passion and love – sounds which poured like streams of gold from a spirit that transcended earth, time and the mundane.  I am sad that I was unable to see very much of this fabulous festival of music, but I am overjoyed that I shared the thrill and the magic of Louise Page and her generous outpouring of beautiful voice and divine spirit, matched by the brilliant playing of the orchestra.” – Wendy Brazil, ArtSound FM 92.7/90.3    Saturday 29th May 2010. 6pm

Louise Page has the voice of an angel…”
- Margaret  Legge-Wilkinson, Canberra Times.

” …Page is a superbly accomplished singer…(with) an expressive, lustrous voice. Page has the rare ability to convey a joyousness in her singing, coupled with the ability to give herself over to the mood and intention of the song.”
-Bill Stephens, Artlook Magazine

“Wonderful! Brilliant! Musical Ecstasy! A night music lovers will not forget… the wonderful musicianship of Louise Page and Phillipa Candy.” South Coast Register

“Her latest recital demonstrated the versatility and sheer beauty of Page’s voice. Here is a soprano who has the vocal strength to command the showiest of arias and yet to caress her audience with the softest and purest of notes. And to watch her is a delight. She can charm with a warmth that is rare, or project a mischievious coquettishness, or manifest a strength and power that are formidable.” Janet Wilson – Opera Australasia

“Louise Page has something of the aura of a possible Sutherland-to-be in her – both for her impressive vocal talents and her considerable stage presence.” David Gyger – Opera Australasia